Seishin Dôjô

Los Angeles, California


    You have taken the first step in a tradition extending back nearly a millennium to legendary warriors of Old Japan. At the Seishin Dôjô, we follow a strongly focused and time-honored method of practice and study in the centuries-old art of ninpô-taijutsu, traditional Japanese weaponry, and classical heihô, the science of combat strategies. Our process of practice is three-fold in vision and personal development: 

    1. MI WO SHINOBU: Through the practice of ninpô-taijutsu, the physical body will be conditioned, strengthened, and maintained.

    2. KOKORO WO SHINOBU: The traditions studied and engaged will temper, broaden, and direct the mental faculties.

    3. SHIKI WO SHINOBU: Through a patient and dedicated commitment to the art, vision and realization are focused internally and externally at the same time for spiritual forbearance.    

    Our classes are carefully honed for the most direct course to proper and effective movement in self-protection. Each session is motivating and intensive in instruction, combining physical technique with historical overview and explanatory perspective. As a practitioner, you will walk away not only with a heightened sense of physical ability, but with a rare knowledge base and outlook stemming from centuries-old warrior traditions.

     Joining a dôjô is the beginning of a rare journey onto the martial path and a choice that should be made with the utmost commitment and motivation. Therefore, prospective new members are required to attend a 2-class Introductory Session that will provide a measure of insight into what one can expect and what will be expected of a new practitioner before joining the Seishin Dôjô. 



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