Seishin Dôjô

Los Angeles, California

Founded in 2006, the Seishin Dôjô (Bujinkan Ishizuka Dôjô, Los Angeles Shibu) provides dynamic weekly instruction,  that is intensive and traditional,  for its’ members in the rare combative methods of classical ninpô-taijutsu (忍法体術)and weaponry. All Seishin Dôjô instructors are fully licensed through Bujinkan grandmaster Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi and world-renowned ninpô-taijutsu instructor and scholar Dr. Kacem Zoughari. Each instructor at the Seishin Dôjô has a knowledge base of over a decade of experience and rigorous practice within the art and are under the direction of authorized Dôjô-cho (lead instructor) Brandon Alvarez, a personal student of Dr. Kacem Zoughari.